Preconstructing & Estimating

Customer ServiceSF Bay Construction specializes in design and building services for new residential construction, additions, remodels and commercial construction. We work closely with customers who are in the conceptual stages of design and have not yet completed their design and permit processes. The primary course of action is to provide an initial free consultation. This enables us to meet the design team and client and discuss what concerns or questions there might be as well as providing valuable feedback to conceptual plans or ideas. This practice helps our clients with the information they need to make appropriate construction decisions and also sets in motion value engineering ideas that ultimately reduce our clients’ construction cost. Initial planning is critical to the success of any project and minimizes many of the problems that occur once construction begins.

For these provisional plans, our in-house professional quantity surveyor prepares cost estimates of work and provides a price based on the level of detail of the plans and complexity of the constructability of the project.

Once plans are finalized and have passed the permit process, SFBC then determines the actual cost of the project, coordinates all sub-contractors and vendors and produces a schedule for each project.

Design Build

Customer ServiceSFBC works in a design/build capacity, which we find is becoming popular in today’s market due to its significant cost saving potential and value engineering opportunities. An initial free design consultation can be scheduled with potential customers, where ideas and visions are discussed for the project. The scope of work, ideas of materials to be used, budget constraints and other factors are then defined. Once the scope of work has been agreed upon, a design service contract is prepared and signed. This agreement usually includes architectural work, structural work, soils reports, shoring plans, specifications and finish schedules.

Once conceptual plans are completed and the design has been approved, engineer the project (need to clarify). This is where the true savings for a client come into effect. Because our construction management crews know what the most efficient construction procedures are, we can tailor the plans, ideally the structural and shoring plans, to enhance all true cost savings. We can then work with the respective municipality to ensure that all planning and building permits are issued with as little inconvenience as possible to the client.

Should clients choose to hire their own design team, SFBC has many professional relationships with numerous leading Bay Area architects and engineers. At a client’s request, we will recommend the right firm or individual for the project based on their needs and budget.

Construction Process

Customer ServiceOnce plans are finalized and have passed the permit process, we will then determine the actual cost of the project, coordinate all sub-contractors and vendors and produce a timeline for your project. A contract will be signed and a starting date agreed. One of our experienced project manager/superintendents or lead carpenters will be assigned to your project and will be responsible for all day-to-day operations and communication, from the start of construction to the completion of the project. We understand how stressful a construction project can be, especially in your home or place of business, and we are very conscious of this throughout the construction process. We treat your home with care and respect.

With every project, our approach is to protect your personal property and to contain the construction area from the rest of your home. The new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting Final Rule (which came into effect April 22nd, 2010), states that any firms working in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities must be certified and use lead-safe work practices during renovations. SF Bay Construction is a certified firm by EPA and a certified renovator will be on site to adhere to all regulations stipulated by this law. Our safety awareness program is very important to us and we continue to educate all our people on workplace safety.

Our crews of carpenters and concrete workers are extremely knowledgeable and professional and adhere to the highest quality and workmanship. We have developed working relationships with a highly qualified group of sub-contractors and vendors/suppliers over many years.

Customer ServiceWe have found that constant communication among all members of the project team is one of the most important keys to a successful project. We emphasize ongoing communication by making ourselves available to our clients at all times. We schedule weekly meetings with all construction team members and clients to discuss all issues of the project status and other topics that might arise during the construction process. We find that this enhances not only the quality of work completed but also aids in an efficient and seamless experience for our clients from beginning to completion.

SFBC has an experienced in-service team which assists our customers with their interior design process. With the many design options available to today’s clients, interior design can be a daunting task. With our extensive knowledge and numerous contacts, our staff can make your interior design experience not only enjoyable and unforgettable, but also educational

Green Building

Customer ServiceAt SF Bay Construction, we are committed to helping all clients and owners with the building process, including both the design and construction processes. Our goal is to provide a high performance sustainable building that will be more efficient and friendlier to the environment. This includes energy conservation, indoor environmental quality, water conservation and recycling of all materials both at the demolition stage and throughout the construction progression. We are members of the Build it Green and US Green Building Council.